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How to install IBO Player and Activate an IPTV subscription In TV

IBO Player - Media player for Android TV and Fire TV devices.

What is IBO Player?

IBO Player is a complete media player for smart tv and Android tablets that lets you open most existing video and sound formats. Playing media files on smart TVs is common. The quality of video they are able to provide for these devices, such as tablets, has greatly improved and has become a popular choice for watching movies and videos, especially when available without a player.

Please note: IBO Player does not provide any lists or channels, so you must provide your list link (m3u link) to watch channels and VOD.


IBO Player is one of the best streaming media players and provides you with an easy way to watch channels from your IPTV service provider, here is a list of IBO Player’s most important features:

  • VLC-based player for fast streaming media.
  • Different themes to customize your application.
  • Easy to access and simple intuitive interface. Support messages and posters in movies and series.
  • Support language choice in movies and TV series.
  • Support film and TV subtitle language choice.
  • Two configuration methods for the m3u link and XStream code are supported.
  • Support for the possibility of multiple playlists to protect their pin codes.

Can be installed on all of your devices: for example Smart TV, Android(TV, Box, Fire Stick,…), Or Apple TV. The IBO Player application supports the following devices: Apple TV – LG Smart TV – Samsung Smart TV

Price subscription

The IBO player is just a media player. The app is available in the store: a free 7-day trial. At the end of the free trial, you have to pay a one-time fee of €8 per TV/device to activate it.

BUT iN SONA IPTV we have 1 Years just 6 euro and 15 Euro forever Just contact us in whatsapp

IBO Player for Android

Since IBO Player has uploaded many TV apps to the Google Play Store. You can search and download directly from the App Store.

IBO Player for Smart TV (Samsung /LG)

The IBO Player program has uploaded many TV apps to the Samsung TV Store or Lg Content Store. You can go directly to the Samsung or LG Smart TV App Store screen and search for the “IBO Player” app. If the app is not displayed on the home screen, you may need to search for it under “All Apps” or “Updates.”

How to activate and set an IPTV subscription on IBO Player?

  1. Once the application is installed, boot there with its mac address and key.
  2. Click on this link to enter the application website: https://iboplayer.com/device/login.
  3. Enter the information displayed on the TV in the required fields (mac and Key) to connect to the application.

Once connected, you have two configuration methods, either with the m3u link (+ Add playlist) or with Xtream detail code (+ add XC playlist).


Here is how to embed your m3u link if you click + Add playlist.


Here’s how to use Xtream in detail:



As a final step, it only remains to go back to your TV and restart the app so that it loads and displays the list with the given name on its website.


Is the IBO player free?

IBO Player will allow its new subscribers a free seven-day trial. If you like the application, you can visit the website and purchase it. Video support: All video formats are supported.

Does IBO Player include any channels?

Neither the IBO Player APP nor any administrator can help you find a good playlist. In addition, it does not provide playlists of any kind. Not responsible for content uploaded to our APP.

Does the IBO Player APP have an EPG system?

No, the app does not integrate with the EPG system, but if your vendor has an EPG-Ready system, then it will work with the IBO Player’s platform.


Now that you have some idea about IBO Player, if you are interested in the above-mentioned players and IPTV services then go ahead and subscribe.

Have to remind you once again, want to use the IBO player to watch your favorite programs, provided that you have your IPTV subscription service, so that you can be enjoyable. No ideas? Try the SONA IPTV service.



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